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situation bad situation bad!!!!!! yikes today was one for the records lemme tell ya! as you all know thru my previous moaning and complaining I'm working at the desk on my unit (only one more week left of that though, yay) ... Read More

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    I know what you mean. I have had my family doctor for many years. He has calmly worked on my health problems with me for many years. Sometimes he is right, sometimes he is wrong. If something appears to be wrong we back up and and try again. I don't think I would ever sue him for the mistakes, everybody is wrong about somethings sometimes. I particularly appreciate the fact that when I get a little wacky about feeling poorly he is calmly acceptant.

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    PS It helps to have good people in the office to. My doctor has a secretary/medical assistant that is the best I ever met. Everyone just loves her.
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    Originally posted by hapeewendy
    ....I may tend to type the negatives a lil more than the positives just because I find you all so supportive and as a relatively new nurse I find some things shocking and are unsure how to handle them...
    Wendy, how I wish there was a forum like this many moons ago when I was doing bedside nursing. I might have stayed if I had the wonderful support that there is here. So, please, don't apologize for posting to your peers. But now I'm old and used to working bankers hours, sitting in my office and talking to docs on the phone. I do miss my ICU days..

    I agree - we would be friends and would be having just a little too much fun on the floor together! :chuckle
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    Wendy, that doc was innapropriate and you handled him well. It is not the nurses' responsibility to make sure he is doing his job, and I have said this many times to docs.

    Agree with everyone who posted here...this doc needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

    We're ALL overworked and underpaid.
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