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How much overtime do you work? What are your regular hours? 40 or 36 or less? how do you do your overtime?(extra hours on scheduled shift or extra days) My facility is pretty short staffed frequently and a lot of the staff... Read More

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    I rarely see OT on my unit. Usually, I get called in on an off day and then get canceled later in the week. It's not ideal, but it will do for now. It really makes it difficult to plan things on my off days. I guess, working with a great group of people makes it tolerable, though.

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    I'm one of the few people in my dept working 40 hours/wk - two 12s, two 8s. I'm happy to come in early on one of my 8s to turn it into a twelve for some overtime, but I'm much less willing to work a full extra shift.

    On the upside, whenever there's mandatory training or meetings, it's overtime gravy for me.
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    As little as possible. I work 64hr/2wk, and anything much over that is too much for me. Working constant overtime would make me a lot less effective as a nurse.

    If day shift is short and need a nurse for a couple of hours I'll stay and help out if I can, because I'm not going to screw over my co-workers, but I wont do more than a 12 hour shift and this rarely happens.
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    I try to do 1-2 shifts per pay period as well, only because my husband is in school and I am the sole income. We have plenty of overtime shifts, but I don't judge people who dont do them, I just really need them! So the more openings, the better it is for me!!!

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