One night, 22 pts, 5 codes!!! - page 2

So, we had a rough night. One guy coded right @ shift change, 2hrs later another guy coded. @ 0100 a lady coded and aspirated a load of uknowwhat. Just when we thought we had gone over the hump, a... Read More

  1. by   Alibaba
    Quote from Indy
    You need some beer and eggs after a night like that one! Followed by some sleep and a trip to the spa. Jeez louise.
    Thanks all. I haven't been back on this site since yesterday morning coz I just really crashed all day yesterday then spent aaaallll day today on the beach It was wonderful! Here's to hoping for better days and more trips to the beach.
  2. by   bigsyis
    Thank goodness a good crew was challenged by the night from he77. Imagine if folks from other units had been floated over, or that you were working really, really short. I hope you all enjoyed that first deep breath that you took when you got out the door, knowing that you didn't have to go back for at least 12 hrs.!
  3. by   island40
    My jadedness is going to show through here but I am also curious to know that staffatient ratio. Were any of these events forseeable? Were any of these events preventable? How many of the 22 patients were your primary responsibility? Seems like a lot- though I have had 18 before in a rural hospital setting.

    I don't intend for you to second guess yourself to death but sometimes the after-action thought process can reveal ways to avoid nights like this.

    Hang in there- this doesn't happen often in a career.