OK to call HR for PRN rates before applying?

  1. I'm looking into applying for PRN positions and when researching a hospitals pay rates using sources like Indeed and Glassdoor, you can get a good idea of the full-time w/ benefits hourly rate which in my area averages $25 - $32 an hour for my level of experience. However, I find it nearly impossible to find out what the PRN rate is. Rarely does a job listing post the rates. If I applied and interviewed to all of the PRN positions in my area just to find out what the hourly rate is, it would literally take me a FEW DAYS just in the application process alone. I'd hate to spend hours applying only to find out the hourly rate is less than satisfactory.

    How have you guys found out what hourly PRN/float rate a hospital pays? That's why I'm thinking of contacting HR to find out directly from the source, but will only do so if it's acceptable. What do you guys think?
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  3. by   AJJKRN
    I called HR to find out the hourly pay for an education job posting at my hospital a few months ago and they were able to tell me a basic pay rate per years of experience.

    It was much lower than I currently make so I was able to not waste their time and mine...maybe in few more years...

    Either way, I think most health care companies have a pay scale that they stick to and really don't deviate much from unfortunately.

    Good luck!
  4. by   caliotter3
    As long as you don't identify yourself, there is no harm in asking. Worse that can happen is that you are told they won't give out that info.
  5. by   Tbutbu
    @AJJKRN that's encouraging to hear they were at least able to tell you - Definitely a time saver.
  6. by   Tbutbu
    @caliotter3 Hmm, maybe I should call from a different number other than my primary.