OK Im off back to the books

  1. Well it was nice seeing many again, Im glad Im missed but its off to the books and the real world. Laundry is backing up and I have a science project growing in my fridge from a salad a month ago I think not sure, but Im pretty sure lettuce isnt sapposed to be hairy. Remember be nice to each other because its all we got. If you choose to fight with each other bring bandaids. If all else fails sit back and read something else, then come back to what ticked you off in the first place and then comment about it. If all esle fails then log off and go do something for yourself because you need it. Im glad someone pm'd me for me to come back and look around I didnt realize how much I missed you guys until now. No matter the bickering and the petty issues it just shows how close to each other you are. Its a close family we have here its Nuclear at times but its FAMILY.
    Just my thoughts
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    good luck to you! take good care and see you soon, I hope.