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I have noticed a lot of gossip at work. I know there is gossip at most places you go. We are a very, very busy floor...how do you have time? You walk around the corner, and find a small group of women gossiping. Well, the other... Read More

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    When people do crap like that to me, I always think: "If that's the worst thing you can come up with as a criticism, I'm doing pretty good."

    I also research ways to say "bite me" in foreign languages. Of course, be prepared if the person understands what you just said, too...

    French: mordez-moi
    German: beißen Sie mich
    Italian: mordalo
    Spanish: muérdame, perra del idiota (that's got a little extra on it...)
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    It's so sad. Yes, sometimes nurses do eat their young. You have to accept the fact that these nurses will talk about everyone including you. I know it's hard to accept because their behavior is unprofessional and childish. Just remember that one day you will be the experience nurse and you will be put in the same position. Just remember not to do the same thing. You will be the newbie for a while before they will accept you. Keep working hard and realize that you will always learn new things every day. Stay strong and remind yourself they are acting immature and they were once in your shoes. Keep up the good work. Don't waste time focusing on them because it will get to you and and soon you'll start becoming insecure. Block them out and and stay focus. Say a little prayer to God and He will guide you.

    Good Luck
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    Women suck... I can't stand how we all are to each other. I read/heard somewhere a long time ago this saying that went something like women could rule the world but they spend too much time tearing each other down..etc. Basically women are their own worst enemies.

    I hate the feeling of being picked on by other women...I am only in school right now (not a nurse yet) but even in my current job I went home in tears last week because a (female) coworker basically bullied me to tears. I felt like such a child, I tried not to let her see that she made me upset but geesh...why do we treat each other like this?!!

    I think you sound like a great nurse and kudos to you for staying above all of this, you sound like you're handling all the petty nonsense better than I would!
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    There was a study done by Martha Griffin RN, CS, PhD in The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing regarding lateral violence. This might be good to look up again.

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    Here is ANA's take on lateral violence http://nursingworld.org/mods/mod440/lateralfull.htm

    this might help gain some perspective and gain CEUs, I believe :redpinkhe

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    So sorry you are going through this. Mean people suck. Some people enjoy watching the newbies squirm. I don't know why, but it gives a lot of people a feeling of satisfaction. I currently work with someone who does this to ALL new staff. Until the next new staff member starts. It is so mean. Some people need to get a life outside of work. Or take psych meds or something.
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    I tend to ignore people and i probably come off as a stand offish *****.

    A lot of my coworkers are a bunch of crap talkers. I over heard someone saying something about my appearance last week. Someone said "well are you going to say something to her?" he said "No I'm just going to talk about it like we do everything else." Thanks dude. I heard that, asshat. The amount of crap I heard said about other people makes me seriously want to reconsider this position. I don't even want to know what else gets said about me.
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