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Since .gov has gotten so deep into the healthcare system and Medicare and Medicaid are eating up an ever greater portion of the USA's finances, these types of studies portend future penalties levied on unhealthy persons, ioho,... Read More

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    JMP - your trying to cure the headache, but cutting off the head, when you approach smoking like you do. I am well aware of the "other half" as you call it. I may "support" my bicycle by petaling it, but photosynthesis supports veggies, right? :-)

    You hafe to ponder why huamns would consume a "hot pocket" that is made in a factory, by a huge machine, they put into a device, and pretend to enjoy eating. Why would a human choosethat over fresh food?

    Cigarettes are available, and also cause cancer. No doubt. But you should "protect" us by trying to "stop" them. Can you? Can you do something about cigarettes, or only complain about them, and jeer others who consume them? Do somethng about it and stop bellyaching about their existance!!!!! You have the power. Use it.

    Have a coke and a smile. Get that 5th tank feeling. Come to where the flavor is. How do you handle a hungry man...man handlers. Feed ya kids "happy meals" Give them drugs when they get a fever.

    Take care everybody!

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    Some people eat hot pockets, Mario, because in their mind they are fresh food. It is really that simple. There are hoards of uneducated, unenlightened masses out there are watch all the same commericals you apparently watch also.

    As far as smoking goes, nothing I said indicates "belly aching" as you so deftly put it. I have strong views about it- you know it- so get over it.

    The point WAS that eating, drinking, driving, biking these are all CHOICES we make that derive from necessity. We have to eat to survive, drink something, be it water, Coke or beer, we have to get around somehow, bus, car, bike. BUT WE DO NOT HAVE to smoke. The concept is really quite simple.

    As far as health care and health care concepts are concerned, I know you are starting school next fall, so I will wait and have THAT discussion with you sometime in the future.
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    here we go again.......not my place to judge.....thk goodness

    wrightgd-----good thoughts......chukle. thought your name was right guard............

    kimberle-------you are never what you weigh...........you are so much more................don't ever, ever let anybody including yourself tell you any different.........

    mario-------------keep thinkin.......and not judging...........we all live and we will all die(we are all in this together) dna...thx for the input.......

    cascadians.......like your posts.......

    renee---------hehehehehehehe for me it is large chef salads....with light to poppy seed salad dressing...........

    and now to close,

    micro has no faults.........micro in perfect health.............and micro has never, never made mistake...............;-)
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    Wildhoney: I am NOT a smoker. I would just rather lift a smoker than lift an obese person - not that they can't come in the same package. And didja notice, I did qualify the tobacco thing. We've also managed to refine most of the nutrients out of our sugars and added a bunch of poisons to them as well, such as dyes and phony fats. My point was, and is, that the health choices we make do affect others. Anything we choose to do that impairs our health adds to the cost of health care. All of us have to pay the premiums, whether or not we use the services. We teach our children by example. I would hope that we would not only not smoke around children, but that we would also make wise choices about diet and exercise.
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    Wow, what a discussion! How much of this would matter if people weren't so worried about living forever? I accept the fact that sooner or later I am going to die. As a result of modern medicine and continuing research it's going to be at an older age than that of my ancestors. And, by the way, let's not forget to include alcoholics and drug addicts who go for treatment and then return to their addictions. Why don't we regulate a "three strikes ,you're out" health law. Insurers would love it cause then they could hold on to all that money we pay when we gamble with them over our health and death. They get to opt out on pre-existing illnesses and maximum output caps for illnesses. Then the taxpayers get stuck for the bills of the poor and uncooperative. There seem to be flaws in the total picture of the why's and wherefore's. In our "free society" I don't feel so free and can only truly control one thing--- ME and my life choices. Let's set up health sanitariums in the desert and send the smokers and obese there to recoup their thought processing. Whatever you can grow, you can eat, drink or smoke. YOUR CHOICE!!

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