NYP-Cornell Med/Surg - does anyone work there? | allnurses

NYP-Cornell Med/Surg - does anyone work there?

  1. 0 Hi, does anyone work at the med/surg unit at Cornell? Can you please tell me more about working at the unit and the hospital? What is the culture like ? What do you like, what do you hate? Also, what are expected of new grads at med/surg? Thankss!
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    I work there!! I used to be full time staff on one of the med-surg floors and now I work per diem and float to all the med surg floors. any specific questions? feel free to PM me too.
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    Each unit has a different culture; my unit the RN's work well together and we always have each others back and you can always ask any RN any question. This is what I like best about our unit, and I can't stand the politics. Unfortunately there is alot of it, and I've learned to only get involved when needed, and just let the other stuff slide. New grads on our unit get a 7 week orientation with a preceptor after the mandatory orientation thru nursing ed. Any other questions just post. Hope this helps.
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    i'm on the waiting list hoping i get called soon. *keeping fingers crossed*

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