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Looking back to when I was in nursing school, and then starting my nursing career, I remember many things that are no longer in use, or things that have transformed over the years. Gone are the days... Read More

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    My question is: how did nurses have time to smoke back in the day? lol

    I always call patients Mr or Miss ______ unless they prefer something else or are my age or younger. I'm in my 20's; is this not standard practice? I think it's rude to call someone 50 years older than me by his/her first name.
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    Just had to come back and add another one --- "then" you waited for ☞6 weeks☜ for the results of your "state boards" - (pre-cursor to the NCLEX) so I get amused when people freak out if they don't get "the good pop-up" in a few days.
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    One thing I remember and see a huge difference now is when I started back in the mid 1980s, is how patients and families had a lot more trust and respect for you.
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    I remember the two day all day affair of nursing boards back in the day! And you only learned if you passed, not how well or poorly you had done. Months would go by while you were working and waiting and if you failed you could lose your job or at least be demoted till you passed. Talk about pressure! I passed but a couple coworkers didn't, one lost her job and had to go to a different hospital, the other worked as a HUC/CNA till boards were passed.
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    Very interesting posts. We did peritoneal dialysis on our floor back in the 70's. MD would come and put a temporary cath in place in the "treatment room" and then we would hang the large glass bottles. Usually we did the PD in a semi private room. The caths would usually leak after a short time. I remember drawing up chemo in the med room, just like any other med. All our TURP pts got IM tobramycin every 8 hrs. The worst was probably the cataract pts, they had to get eye drops every 5 mins prior to surgery, yes as an in pt. They would come back from surgery in the bed. A RN would need to go get them from the OR. Often the wheels of the bed would get stuck in the crack in the elevator, alot of lifting involved. They stayed in the hospital for a week, had to be fed and the male pt's shaved, sand bags at the head. Now it is done in 20 mins and out the door you go. I learned many things as a new nurse and one of the things I remember most " do things the right way" My 1st head nurse was a stickler on this. Just to add a comment on the earlier post about calling the pt Mr or Miss etc due to the age difference. Now days as a 56 yr old RN, I'm often older than my pts. I usually ask what the pt wants to be called and 99% respond with their first name.
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    I remember having a brown glass bottle of whiskey in the med closet to give a Doctor ordered measured dose (in a med cup)
    We mixed chemo IV's at the start of shift.
    We also added yellow vitamin to IV (I loved the smell, so my co-workers would save those for me)
    My grandfather had pernicious anemia and needed a vitamin B shot 1x/month. As a student nurse I gave it to him in my aunt's (nurse) absence. The syringe was glass and the needle needed to be sharpened!
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    @Do good.. I went to school in the early 2000s and we learned gravity drips as well. You are right all nurses should know how and I am glad that I do so if in a natural disaster or no pumps.. I can do it "old school" and I am darn proud I am old school and new school both.. Love this post.... love hearing how nursing has changed...
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    Dont think I saw this but patients were admitted the night BEFORE surgery!!!!!!
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    I'm not old enough to remember this but my charge nurse told me that before Lovenox or Heparin, pts use to "drop like flies"They'd get up to walk with P/T and get back to bed only to throw a PE. .
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    Post op patients did not ambulate as soon and as often as they do now.

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