Nursing survival kit

  1. Hi folks! I was just wondering if any of the nurses out there can give me any ideas on a little gift I have planned. I've been precepting a wonderful student for her senior year internship and unfortunately it's cut short because I've decided to resign, an opportunity came up I couldn't pass on. I'd like to get her a simple gift to say 'thank you', she's been a wonderful student!! I decided to get a little gag gift, a gift bag titled "Nursing survival kit" with small things in it like a giant bottle of Advil, a bottle of TUMS, chocolate of course! Maybe a little nip of vodka or something.....does anyone have any ideas to add to that? Just small funny tokens, or even serious ones. Thanks for any of your ideas!


    P.S. I just read what I wrote and I sound rude, I resigned but I didn't leave her in the lurch! I paired her up with a wonderful precepting nurse to finish out her internship!
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  3. by   Agnes Anne
    i did somthing as a birthday gift for a nursing student, but the thought is similar.
    i added:
    lotion for those dry hands from washing up so much
    coffee bags (like tea bags) to stay awake on long shifts
    bandaids for wounded ego/pride etc.

    i'm trying to locate the legend i put with the kit. i thought i saved but maybe not....

    here it is:
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~~nursing school survival kit~~
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~chamomile tea~ to help you de-stress before the big exam [font=scribble]
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~hershey's hugs ~ for those clinical days when you really need hug! [font=scribble]
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~coffee~ to help you stay awake during long study sessions. [font=scribble]
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~band-aids~ to patch your sagging self esteem.[font=scribble]
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~tylenol~ for when your head aches from cramming in so many facts
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~a penny~ for your thoughts, you can always vent to your fellow students [font=scribble]
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~a paper clip~ to hold help you "hold it all together"
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~purell~ so you can always wash your hands [font=scribble][font=scribble];-)
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~ salt~ [font=scribble][font=scribble]so you can take criticism and complaints "with a grain of salt"[font=scribble]
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~a whistle~ to whistle while you work, and work and work….
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~smiles~ to remind you to smile no matter what! (smiley face stickers)
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~a rubber band~ for those days when you feel stretched to the limit.
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~lotion~ to help smooth over over the rough spots
    [font=scribble][font=scribble]~chocolate~ 'cause everything is better with chocolate!
    other ideas:
    foot gel inserts/ foot lotion for all the miles she'll be walking!
    how about earrings made from syringes –
    dr kits candy pills, fake stethoscopes, etc.
    hand lotion to keep soft caring
    good pen for all that endless charting
    under eye gel
    'rescue remedy' by bach's or 'five flower remedy'
    nose plugs
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  4. by   allele
    Thanks Agnes Anne!! There are some great ideas in there!! How could I have NOT thought of lotion??!!! lol Thanks again!!!
  5. by   nyapa
    what about a nurse's joey bag? something to keep your pen, tape, isowipes, scissors, artery forceps etc in?
  6. by   RNperdiem
    Some strong mints. These have uses after a spicy lunch or before report.
  7. by   ~FutureNurse~
    I don't have any ideas for you, I just wanted to say that I hope I have someone as nice as you to work with when I do clinicals. I always hear how all the nurses are awful! Thanks for being so refreshingly nice!