Nursing shortage by state?

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    Hi, does anyone know where I can find a list of states ranked by nursing shortages? I tried googling but I couldn't find anything. Thanks!

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    I think you might look at MODRN magazine, which recently came out with a career issue. I believe that they list the expected % of nursing vacancies by state, as well as salaries and cost-of-living estimates.
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    here is the link from modrn magazine website.
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    I'm feeling really special right now.(sarcasm) The article gave LPN's one small paragraph and weren't listed is the rest of the article. It's an RN world and this article makes it as though it will eventually be for BSN's and higher. And to respond to your article, I know Illinois is short nurses. I look on Career Builder and all the time and they are begging for nurses throughout the state in all areas.
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    Thank you for that link. I guess as lpn u have to strive to become Rn since that is where the most shortages are gonna be

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