Nursing Scholarships??

  1. Hello everyone!!
    I just found out today that Ill be getting into an LPN program here in AZ... which took only 6 months to get in.. instead of the normal 2 year wait here.. so Im going for it!
    Anyways, Im going right into block 3 as soon as Im done, and then pursing my BSN after that..
    Does anyone here know of any scholarships that would go to an LPN program?? I cant really get federal grants because my dad makes too much $ .. even though Im 22 & dont get a dime from him
    Thanks everyone for any imput!!
    Have a blessed day!
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  3. by   ilstu99
    Did your dad (or anyone else) claim you last year on his taxes? That would make a big difference for some scholarships.

    I would talk to the financial aid department of your college, and do it quickly! Our scholarship applications usually closed on April 15 in the spring, and October 15 in the fall. Also, look into areas that your grandparents or parents were involved in....armed services, unions, clubs/lodges, etc. They are a great resource for scholarships. Another option is civic groups in your community, like the Junior Women's League, a community consortium, urban league, and that sort of thing. Oh! If you're staying in that area, don't forget to contact your local medical facilities! They often pay for an education in return for a work commitment.

    Go ahead and start asking people for letters of recommendation. I had to have them for almost every scholarship application. Also, start thinking about essay ideas for "why I deserve this free money."

    Good luck!
  4. by   BerryHappy
    Please don't pay for nursing school! I am currently at the end of my LPN program and have not paid a dime, thank God! Between my Pell Grant and state funding assistance for nurses (Workforce Florida) I have actually been able to go to school for free. My financial aide has covered everything from my uniforms, to tuition, to my books. The Pell Grant covers some of my living expenses, and Workforce gives me vouchers to cover my uniforms, tuition, books, and fees. Workforce even gives us monthly gas cards or bus passes! The only students who are not receiving some amount of aide are the ones who were not persistant enough. Getting your financial aide can be daunting at times but is definitely worth it! I LOVE nursing and I am extremely thankful that my state appreciates my willingness to serve in the healthcare industry. Be persistant and you WILL find help.
    Good luck!