Nursing and coaching high school athletics

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    just wondering how realistic it would be that an RN can contribute as a high school coach. i know of one that does. any one else have experience balancing the two jobs?

    i have a passion for coaching HS sports. i got accepted into an MSW program and was planning on going into school social work.

    but I'm also finishing up my nursing school prereqs and was going to apply to some accelerated BSN programs.

    i know social work/nursing has been debated a lot before, so I'm not trying to reopen that topic. for professions have merit in my eyes as well as challenges.

    just looking for some insight. thanks!

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    If you are pursuing your MSW ... why are you also looking to be a nurse?

    As far as the high school sports, as a nurse or a social worker you would have to find a job where you could be free and at the school facility by 3 or 4 pm pretty much every day during the sport's season.
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    late admit to the program. Im interested in mental health and medical health professions. I'm drawn to both careers

    yes i understand the time frame that needs to be available, i was more looking to see if its reasonable that a nurse could work a 7pm-7am shift, and then coach 3-5. has anyone else tried balancing nursing and coaching

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