Nursing and Traditional Chinese Medicine Book Recommendations?

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    I want to learn more about how Eastern and Western medicine approaches can overlap. Does anyone have any book recommendations on this topic that might be especially focused on how an RN can integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine?


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    no, but I can recommend a book that describes the conflicts. "The Spirit Hits You and You Fall Down". It is an engrossing story of an actual patient.
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    I'd be sure that you have a good understanding of TCM as a whole before trying to integrate it. I use both TCM and Ayurveda concepts with many of my patients. That said, The Treatment of Western Diseases with Chinese Medicine by Flaws is a good book as is Practical Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine by Deng.
    The Web that has no Weaver is excellent for fundamentals. Between Heaven and Earth is another great book. If you are interested in using herbs in TCM, Chinese Herbal Medicine vols 1 and 2 by Bensky are a must. Healing with Whole Foods by Pitchford includes some Chinese and Japanese dietary theory. Chinese Nutrition Therapy is another good basic.
    Best of luck to you! Just remember that American schools for TCM are typically 4 year Masters. Knowledge of Western medicine isn't necessarily helpful for speeding that up. My plan right now (subject to change at any time :wink2 is to do acupuncture school after my FNP.
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    If you want a course that you can take from home, the following one will teach very basic TCM
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    Try "The future of healing: Exploring the parallels of eastern and western medicine" by Michael P. Milburn

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