Nurses Liability Insurance: Yes or No - page 2

"I don't need it, Nurses are never or hardly ever sued". So, does the Nurse actually need Liability insurance? If so, why? A couple of questions that should be considered while making this... Read More

  1. by   FLORIDA LPN 7
    Logic understood
  2. by   InsuranceGuy
    Quote from JmhATL
    Any recommendations for companies?
    Why not try aMMP? It has been reviewed and endorsed by allnurses has teamed up with CM&F who has been insuring nurses since 1947! The carrier is Medical Protective. Premiums start at $81/year. A quote to compare, takes just minutes!!

    Click here or copy and paste URL to your browser to get a quote: Affordable Medical Malpractice Insurance Program (AMMP)
  3. by   tacticool
    NSO for sure.