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I have been exposed to HIV, tuberculosis, C-diff. ..MRSA , VRE , and Hepatitis A. B . and C. My immune system.. Is awesome!!! I was exposed to HIV via a needle stick.... tell me about your survival against exposure... Read More

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    My first three years of nursing school, I was sick (miserably sick!!!) for a week every two months. Sinus infections, tonsillitis, colds, the flu...Now that I'm finishing up my fourth year, I haven't been sick for a very long time! I guess my body finally built up an immunity to absolutely every bug out there!

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    A CNA was helping me with a patient, he had spent the whole day just "Freaked" about the high number of Scabies patients on the floor. (I had been really freaked with just one). They are all secondary infections to their main admitting problem of course. This guy helping is always the jokester, and really keeps the day going, and he really got a kick out of my "ER April Fool's Prank" (I was the Victim), and I had to get some sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet revenge. You know what I did.

    As we were exiting the room to go roll a trapeze frame from an old unit that was no longer in order (staff uses these rooms as sleep rooms when on call), I told him I thought I seen one of those "things" jump on his shirt (in a most concerned and freaked out voice/look).

    Before I could even say "Gotcha!" he was out of his scrub shirt, and had kicked one of his shoes off, and was working on his knot on the pants! (Hahahaha Real funny!). . . . . . until a 3rd year resident walked through the double doors, . . . and said, "You guys need a minute? I can come back? . . . .

    I said, "Gotcha!" (the intern very puzzled with disgusted look on his face by now). . .

    Intern, "well . . . . .Ok? . . . .I guess . . . ? walking off very fast! CNA bellered "Busssssssted!"

    I can't escape being the butt of a bad joke even if I'm the owner of the punchline! My Wife peed on herself when I told her.
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    I dont get as sick as others but when I do its a doozy

    As I sit here with 101 degree temperature, body aches, surviving on broth, gingerale and popsicles. Cant even stand the tought of the BRAT diet right now.
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    Get Well Soon Mandy! Your village called, their superhero is missing!
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Get Well Soon Mandy! Your village called, their superhero is missing!
    Thanks. I woke up this morning with no fever, no body aches and able to tolerate a normal diet, including chicken carbonera, frozen TGIF meal. Other then some lower gi issues, totally back to normal.
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