nurse who cares for her grandmother at home wants to work in a hospital

  1. hello all

    i just read about a returning RN who stayed home to take care for her children and wanting to work again.. and i am also wondering if i also have a chance to work in a hospital too? i volunteered as a nurse after i passed my board exam. on my 11-month my grandmother had a hip fracture so i stopped my volunteer work and stayed home to care for her until her demise. i am now applying for work in a hospital.. can i use my experience as a caregiver for my grandmother in my resume and how about a reference letter? can i ask my father to make one for me? would that be bias. oh my gosh.. can you please help me here.
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  3. by   RNewbie
    I wouldn't do a ref letter from a family member. What about the facility that you volunteered at? Or do some current volunteer work and get a letter from them. Yes, I would include private caregiver on your resume.
  4. by   KelRN215
    I would not use caring for a relative as professional experience on a resume. I would also suggest you not provide a reference letter from your father. You can use your experience with your grandmother to explain why you haven't been working but that's as far as I'd go with that when it comes to job seeking.
  5. by   jjmaqn2
    hello all,

    thank you so much for your immediate responses.

    yes i already have reference letters from one of my clinical instructors and from staff nurses from the hospital i volunteered at. my caregiver time is much longer though than my volunteer work that's why i felt i need to highlight the time i took care of my grand mother. i will take both of your advices; RNewbie and KelRN215 you both gave me such enough assurance and uplift me up here. thank you so much.. i hope i will be employed this year.