Nurse Practitioner vs Physician Assistant - page 3

There is this myth that still seems to be circulating around that Physician Assistants (PAs) can do more than Nurse Practitioners (NPs). For example, if you want to have a role that involves more... Read More

  1. by   tacticool
    I've always wanted to be a Space Shuttle Door Gunner. LOL!
  2. by   seanpdent
    PA's need to recertify every 6 years (it will be changing to every 10yrs)...
  3. by   seanpdent
    Correct... as an ACNP I perform the same (if not more) procedures as a PA. Keep in mind we are referring to an ACNP, not an FNP. An FNP does not get the same training.

    That would be one of the defining differences between a PA and an NP... NP's are (becoming) very specialized in their practice.
  4. by   Mhays
    I like both very much. I have seen both in action before on the hospital floor and nursing home/rehab floor and I have also had both physician assistants and nurse practitioners as medical staff for myself. I feel that both of them are extremely beneficial and they are great because they both bring a lot of medical expertise to the table. I love both physician assistants and nurse practitioners.
  5. by   Mhays
    I have had great physician assistants and nurse practitioners who both have helped me so much. I belong to an HMO as my healthcare and sometimes my doctor is not available. So, they ask me if I would like to see a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner and I told them that I can see either one. They are both fine and I respect both of them. In fact, I saw a physician assistant for many years and she helped me so much; so they both are qualified, but they just have different names.
  6. by   Mhays
    I had both a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner before and they both were very good. I really enjoyed having both of them as my 'doctor.' I remember one of my friends from nursing school really wanted to be a nurse practitioner and she went through all of the nursing school steps to get there. She became a CNA, and LPN, an RN, and then got her masters into NP. She is very happy now. I also knew a friend in nursing school that was interested in mid-wife nursing for OBGYN. She got into that aspect and likes it as well. So, as long as people are happy in whatever they are doing, then that is fine to be whatever you want to be.
  7. by   Mhays
    The difference between nurse practitioner and physician assistant are the following:

    1. The school that both attend are different.
    2. Nurse practitioners learn more about the nursing process.
    3. Physician assistants learn more about the process of a doctor.
  8. by   marcellahays1
    I like both nurse practitioners and physician assistants. They are both really good. It is really hard to pick one from the other because I have had really good things from both practitioners. I have enjoyed being treated by both and they are both very knowledgeable. I think that they both are very important in the medical team of professionals.
  9. by   thiaeyemd
    Sounds like the same turf battle that doctors tried to wage against nurse practitioners...Hahahahaha seems like people are the same no matter what!