Nurse with latex allergy

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    Anyone? I have been having a lot of skin issues lately and my dr thinks I am developing a latex allergy/ sensitivity. I feel like we deal with so much latex on my unit this could be trouble! When we have a latex free patient it requires a special room for supplies etc.

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    I have a latex sensitivity (rash only, no anaphylaxis) and work in the OR (possibly the least latex sensitivity/allergy friendly unit). The only products we use hospital wide containing latex are foleys, some specialty surgical supplies, and sterile gloves, but a latex-free alternative glove is available for when I scrub (even though they aren't all that great since they're thicker and limit dexterity). I wonder what all your unit uses that contains latex- I though a lot of hospitals were trying to go as latex free as possible due to allergies (mostly patient, but also staff).
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