Nurse handing you a coke?

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    It's interesting how Coca-Cola used nurses images to sell their product. Pretty clear that Coke used the trustworthiness of nurses to sell Coke.

    Cheap and easy, they didn't have to pay big bucks for a paid endorsement like Bill Cosby or other celebrities.

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    Here is another ad.

    When we went to the Coke museum in Atlanta last year, we saw some other ads. I took a picture of some of them. I'll see if I can find them.
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    after a few google searches, I came up with another nursing related Coca-Cola ad

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    She doesn't have to do much enticing, that's for certain! Definitely think the ad people had the positive image of a nurse in mind here.
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    Oh no. Here's one from the competitor. Everyone wanted in the act.

    But we know..........Coke is the real thing!! Just like AN.

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    Those three nurses smiling at each other present a staged picture. In reality, they would have their heads tilted back as they guzzle their cokes or even worse, they would be holed up in an empty room with direct IV access to a big container of coke.
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    Here is a site with lots of vintage ads.
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    Here is another one. two nurses buying Coca-Cola out of a vending machine at a hospital or doctors office.

    The ad reads:

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    Here is another one, this one claiming Coca-Cola is served in Leading Hospitals. Plus, notice the Good Housekeeping seal in the lower right.

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    Now this one is not about Coke. But........get a load of the uniforms.

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