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Nurse by Peggy Anderson

  1. 0 I'm sure this has already been posted somewhere, but I was just wondering if anyone else loves this book as much as I do? I just finished reading it and I read it non-stop all the way from beginning to end I was so enthralled and interested. Many parts were so sad and it definitely helped open my eyes a little more about everything in nursing. I'm still just a pre-nursing student - getting into the N.S. next fall (finally!), but I thought it was a really good account of the sort of things I read about here on allnurses. I loved the main character and the writing style and the fact that its a true story and I think every pre-nursing student should read it. I'm really glad I acted on a whim and bought it. Are there any other books like it out there?
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    I'm half way through with this book and I must say I love it,I guess the story it shine some light on the real world of nursing and it so fun and interesting at times.
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    Hi Maria! Check out books by Echo Heron.
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    Nurse by Peggy Anderson? I've had that book for years, started it and put it down, because at the time I was too busy on other things to have the chance to get into the heart of the book. What I read was good, the reason I've kept holding onto the book. Thanks for sharing that with us. I will make that my next great read.
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    PS: Another good book for medical people is Bellevue.