NSO insurance and employment status

  1. I've carried NSO insurance since LPN school and have held a policy since 2007. My renewal is coming up and I have a few questions. I am not currently working as an LPN (stopped in April). The questions are for work full time or part time, there is nothing for not working.

    My question is this..just for the sake of argument...if I do not renew my policy due to my not working, and a suit is brought against me for a time period I was covered by NSO, would I be covered? I know that if it were car insurance and a person no longer has the insurance they had when an accident occured, and they are sued for that, the insurance still kicks in since you were covered at the time of the incident.
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  3. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    Read your policy carefully to see if this situation is covered. If it isn't in the policy, call them and ask them. Have them put the response into an e-mail so that you have a record of the conversation. You need things like this in writing.
  4. by   CT Pixie
    TakeTwo thanks for such a quick response and I just called them. Yes, as long as said occurrence which prompted a lawsuit etc happened during my active period of carrying the insurance, I would be covered. She gave me the section of the policy where that info could be found (of course I can't find my policy..somewhere here under these mountains of paperwork on this desk I'm sure it is).

    Also, unemployed (either self employed or by another party) nurses can hold a policy for a reduced premium (retired/leave of absence policy) which will cover you for volunteer work or good Samaritan work should you be taken to court etc.

    I opted to just take the leave of absence policy..better safe than sorry.