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I just started orienting at a SNF. Today was my first day there. The nurse I was orienting with showed up a little later and jumped right in to get report and then we were off passing meds etc. At... Read More

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    Today was my second day of orientation. I was with a different nurse but I told her about my wanting to count the narcs so she counted with me but it still wasn't an official count with the off going nurse. There is no real official handing off of the keys either they are just kind of left laying on the cart all day. I really like this place and don't want to mess things up but I just think they aren't as on top of some things as they should be. Like I said, the keys are just on top of the cart, the med carts are never locked, neither is the med room door. I hate to go in there trying to change things I know people will start to really hate me. I am just a prn nurse there. There is another nurse who is orienting and she is a brand new nurse and she being trained the way they do things I have a little bit of experience so I know it's not right but this poor girl has no clue. I did see them counting their cart today but again she was counting with the nurse who was orienting her not the nurse who was on before her and they didn't count with anyone after shift either. If I say something they will all know it was me.....jeez, why can't anything ever be simple.....?

    Thanks for all of your previous responses. At this point once I'm done orientation I will insist on counting but as far as anything else I don't know what to do.

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    All I can say is "no narc count? - no taking the keys - no taking the floor" Always insist on counting, it will save your behind (and your licence)!
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    Carts need to be locked. The med room needs to be locked. I have worked with nurses who abused and stole everything from methadone to seroquel to benadryl...Do not trust anyone. Always count your narcs, always. NEVER give your keys to another nurse, ever. Addiction nursing is my speciality and I can't emphasize strongly enough that you need to do these things all the time.

    To be honest, I would quit, like yesterday. Even if they trust each other(Which is no excuse!!!), they are hiring in new people and not counting? Are they ALL crazy?? You need to talk to whoever is in charge of staff education. This facility and these nurses are in desperate need of an inservice on how prevalent diversion and drug abuse is among nurses. Crazy.

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    Quote from Biggirl71
    I would stick to your guns and training on this one. Count, each and every time you take responsibility for the cart. Who cares what everyone thinks of you. The truth is, you're there to make a living not friends! I agree that it is illegal and against best practice to just take over a cart without knowing if its contents are correct. You knew that right away. I wish you luck!
    Thank you! I'm glad to see everyone agrees with me. I just hope the response I get from the other nurses when God forbid I ask them to take a minute to count with me isn't too harsh. And actually hopefully some of the other nurses follow suit. A girl can dream can't she??!
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    In my state, the handling of narcotics is mandated by the state Board of Pharmacy which issues facilities' licenses to dispense controlled meds.

    You might investigate whether this is the case in your state as well. If you mention that facility licensing might be in danger, you might see some action.
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    Always keep the keys with you. Don't get lazy and go along with what they are doing. I'm wondering if this could be a reportable offense to the state or BON?

    I wonder what the DON does if there is a discrepancy in count?
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    ALWAYS keep the keys with you--I tick people off at work because I won't leave the third cart keys with the cart. They have to come find me. ANYONE can go in there, use the keys and enter the locked narc box. I don't care what happens after I count out, 'cause then it's their license, but I care a lot about my license when I am working my shift!!!
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    Once again, call your state pharmacy board.

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