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The place I work for wants to get rid of all phlebotomist and make nurses do lab draws. I work on a telly floor. This means many lab draws that get ordered all long.... K+, Mg+, Troponin, PT. Not to mention nearly... Read More

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    As I've mentioned in other posts on here, where I used to work, night shift, we had 8-9 pts. No phlebotomists, our techs didn't do vitals or accuchecks. We did have RT, and we did have someone to do our EKGs though. But we made it work.
    And seriously, where I am now, I've rarely seen my stat labs actually drawn stat if the phlebotomists do them. Usually, I'll do them myself, and they show up an hour later for the 'stat'. Timed studies? Forget it. However, as others have mentioned, they are awesome at what they do. They often find something where I haven't been able to.
    OP, I do agree though that if you guys don't have techs or CNAs at all, that ratio is a bit intense.
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