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I have been on the night shift for two years and was doing really well until the last 3 months. I am now really struggling. I sleep sound for 11-12 hours at a time. I have tried getting up with an alarm, but I just hit snooze... Read More

  1. 0 or .net has a wonderful support forum for women with PCO. It was started by a woman who is the weather anchor for CNN, who had severe PCO.

    Best wishes!
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    Hi!! I also have PCOS and have had 3 m/c's associated with it (that's what I am told anyways).....I do work nights and love it...i would not have it any other way.....As far as the PCOS, I would definately see a reproductive endocrinologist if you are planning on having any children (that is, if inferility is a problem)....or just a regular endocrinologist to check it out......

    Working nights does make you tired more often, I have found that out after working a dayturn here and there.....PCOS can also cause depression esp if you are and exercise are also a good way to keep yourself from becoming diabetic, if you're not already....I wish you all the luck in the world and please...keep your chin up

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