New user, just want to say hello, and intro myself. New user, just want to say hello, and intro myself. - pg.2 | allnurses

New user, just want to say hello, and intro myself. - page 2

Hello to all, I'm 35, married, 2 girls ages 3 & 11, live on a farm in Ga. Right now i'm in school going for LPN. Iv'e taken core classes and fundamental's. I wanted to be a nurse when I was 15, but... Read More

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    welcome freebird. . good luck with school!
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    RNinICU;slinkeecat;jevans;SmilingBlueEyes;Kayzee;b agladyrn;bandaidexpert;Momma_Penguin;Sleepyeyes;De bsZoo;tiger.
    THANK YOU all soooo much. I feel like I've just married into the most wonderful family in the world (without the in-laws ) LOL!
    I know I can't give anybody advice yet, cause I ain't been there or done that, but I can't wait to share all my good news in my studies with ya'll. Please excuse the not so perfect grammer, I'm just assuming I can relax and be comfortable here (I'm a country girl). I do have one guestion though; I'm on a summer break right now, we won't be going on any family vacations until Labor day, anyway's all I want to do is study and read. Am I ok, or is this a nurse wanna-be thing. Oh, and slinkeecat, you mentioned the LPN to BSN program, were can I get info on that, and how much longer would it be than LPN to RN? Thank you. Ok ya'll I need to go socialize with my daughters for a while. Everyone take care, stay healthy, and be happy. I LOVE YA!!!!!!!
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    welcome!. i just wanted to mention that there is a nursing student bb too if you would like to come on over.

    much success to you in all of your endeavors.
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    Freebird, you've got the right idea, in a lot of ways. I went aide to LVN to BSN to MSN and I really appreciate the insight it gave me along the way to what my peers at all levels are experiencing. As for the math, if you understand the logic behind it, it often makes sense. And if you find one way to do it that makes sense, CLOSE YOUR EYES AND BLOCK YOUR EARS FROM EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! I have my "formulas", and if I look at anyone else's, they scramble my brain! Best of luck, and stay in touch! JeannieM
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    Freebird: I too will be starting LPN, August 5th here! It will be great to be able to check in with a fellow guppie and share our difficulities. I am 43 with two children, ages 19 and 14. Just remember, nothing hurts as bad as a labor pain. So you can stand math!!!! I compare everything to labor pains. And they said I would forget, huh!!!!! Debbielynn
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    hi there...nice to meet you.

    you CAN and WILL pass math if you want to bad enough. i had problems too. i remember taking algebra and i just couldnt get it. i got a tutor and took advantage of the extra help. at one point i was so depressed i told myself...see you ARE too stupid to learn this, just like in high school. i sat there for a moment or two and promptly got mad at myself...i WILL learn it. and i did. i got straight A's. not because im really smart or that i comes easily but because i MADE myself learn.
    its all just a matter of understanding it. you can do it!
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    Welcome Freebird55! I'm zudy, also went to LPN school first, then RN. Learned all the math I needed in LPN school, fudged thru the rest. You can do it!

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