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New Hire info PLZ Read!!

  1. 0 I applied for a position at a hospital and then followed up with HR and they told me I am a candidate for the positions which I applied for. They said it is just a matter of waiting for those dept's to contact me. Should I try contacting those depts to follow up with my applications' status or just wait it out? HR cant tell me anything else so Im just stuck in a rut waiting for a response to get an interview. Anyone got any ideas? thanks!
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    I think it depends upon how long you have already been waiting. Have you interviewed with anyone? If so, you can send them a "thank you" follow up letter. From a management standpoint, I don't see a problem with contacting the dept. supervisor, but don't bug them to death or they may not hire you because you are getting on their nerves !

    Or if they have a website and have recruiters, call the recruiter !
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    I would give it approximately two weeks before I would make that initial follow up call. Good luck.
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    I applied on the 25th of last month. Have not had an interview but the HR dept did tell me Im a candidate. They do have recruiters, I suppose I could call the recuiter o email them.
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    I wouldn't read too much into being told that you are a "candidate". I'm pretty sure all that means is that you meet the minimum requirements for the job. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the phone to ring. I see no harm in trying, once, to contact the individual departments, but if they don't call you back, let it go and keep applying elsewhere.

    Good luck!
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    Find out the names of the unit managers who run the units to which you applied. Mail them a 'thank you' greeting card to show that you appreciate that they took the time to review your application, and leave your contact information on the card.

    If these managers have not yet pulled up your application, a 'thank you' card might get the ball rolling in your favor. Good luck to you!

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