New Grads and Clinical Hours

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    New Grads,

    How many clinical hours did you have total when you graduated?

    I wanting hear from BSN and ADN grads.:wink2:

    I am curious because my school claims that we got more than any other school in the state.

    I dont know if I believe it!!!

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    IMHO its all about quality not quantity. I honestly can't tell you how many hours we racked up prior to graduation... Quite a few and they were intense but I learned a lot.
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    I keep getting asked that on job apps. Seems to be important to recruiters.
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    For my program it was 840 clinical hours for the entire program.
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    Quote from JakeyWakey
    For my program it was 840 clinical hours for the entire program.


    Was that BSN or ADN?
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    It was about 700 and I am in Maryland for an ADN program. But I agree with SweetLemon. The quality of my experiences were poor due to the small-town settings. Nothing against those settings, but the patients were low acuity, often low census. Some units would be close to being closed!
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    Quote from ilovenursing2009

    Was that BSN or ADN?
    It was an accelerated second bachelor's program. 15 months.
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    I agree about the quality versus quantity. Many, many of my hours especially in OB were spent sitting, waiting. Not learning much.
    I would guess we did 400 hours...though it doesn't feel like that! I just tried to go back and add it up. Accelerated ADN program in the midwest.
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    Yes I totally agree that it is quality of quanity. I am just trying to get an average of the hours people are getting. On paper those hours (as unfortunate as it may be) are what recruiters look at. In these times new grads need anything and everything that may make them stand out. I went to a career fair and their were new grads there with portfolios full of certificates for every little thing they did in school. Stupid if you ask me. Those pieces of paper make them no better than anyone else, but recruiters eat it up.
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    Great. I'm a new grad going to a career fair in a few hours....without all those certificates. Haha, here's hoping!

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