New grad, Tomorrow Renal floor job interview..

  1. 0 Hi guys.. I move this thread to this forum because the renal is very slow
    Im like a ghost in Allnurse ,never post before but always reading. I just graduated from my AD on december, I landed an interview on a renal- transplant- post dyalisis floor. Originally i was looking for an Icu position, but as new grad is very hard to find it.
    Just want to know what kind of question can i expect at the interview??
    Is this floor a good step for icu?
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    any nursing job for a newbie in a hospital is a good stepping stone in this economy.

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    As a new grad, they may focus on what your expectations are, especially your future. ("What do expect to be doing in 5 yrs? or even 10 years!") Unless you have a fair amount of direct-care experience (CNA, LPN, extern) they will ask you what you THINK you will be doing as a nurse on the floor. You, of course, expect to do everything from baths and bedmaking to starting IVs and monitoring the various drips and reactions to meds. You will learn a tremendous amount about physiology, labs, dialysis, transplants, etc.

    And, yes, this is a very good start to your career, a good lead into ICU nursing.

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    thanks guys for the fast reply
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    Sadly to let you know that i didnt get the job. Because im doing my BSN in this moments and they need time flexibilities.

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