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New Grad Recommended Certifications

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    I am a soon-to-be BSN graduate. I'm sure this topic has been up before but I cant find any good information.

    Would you recommend ACLS/PALS/ECG/Phelbotomy certification before I graduate to put on my resume? Will it help my resume? If it just helpful because it shows I'm motivated Etc. that's great...but worth ~$1,600?
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    I am planning on getting EKG class because I want to and it does look good. But, I would not get all of the above. Pick one that you want to do because 1600 bucks is a lot with no way of knowing if it's going to help land a job. My opinion, anyway.
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    I would not spend $1600 on these certifications. My first job trained me in all of the above, minus ACLS because it was a pediatric institution. I didn't pay a dime for these certifications and got paid for going to the classes.