New Grad Nervousness, is this normal?

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    I just graduated last month, took NCLEX last week and got my license 2 days ago. Now I am in the job hunting process and although I dont have a job yet I have 1 interview lined up and two more possible in the next couple of weeks do to some managers whom known me from their units.

    Now that I am not nervous anymore about the NCLEX, I am kind of worried about finding a job, but I know God will provide; now I am kind of nervous about starting working as an RN as a new grad! I am sure this is a normal feeling and everyone has started in this path, but what words of advice, tips do you have for us new grads? The possible floors are Med-Surg/Oncology, Step-Down ICU.

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    Would be abnormal if you weren't. It will take 9 months to a year before you will feel like you are truly flying solo. I've been a nurse for many years and still bounce things off of my co-workers.
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    you are absolutely normal. Once you land a job your anxiety will continue till you gain confidence and accept that you will never be perfect. One day at a time---------

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