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  1. Does anyone in nj know how Long it will take the BON to release a license to a applicant with a nonviolent/nondrug related criminal background
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  3. by   PixieRN1
    Depends on if it involves what the Board considers “moral turpitude”. They cast a pretty wide net...even a conviction for bad checks. So, without knowing your conviction (which I’m not suggesting you disclose), unfortunately, there is no way for us to offer guidance.

    Best of luck
  4. by   NurseJoJo17
    The first conviction was dismissed because the co defendants plead to the jury that I had nothing to do with the situation i was just there with no knowledge of what they where doing (credit card fraud) the second thing was an arrest for a similar situation my friend had me driver her to a “friend” and it turns out she was preforming prostitution so I was arrest with her however, my lawyer said that the charges will be dropped to disturbing the peace. With that being said do you think they will allow me to hold a license and if so how long does this process take
  5. by   MiladyMalarkey
    You need new friends, if what you say is true these people are dragging you down. I know that is not what you're asking but wish you the best.
  6. by   meanmaryjean
    Also- if you are not yet a nurse, per AllNurses TOS, you cannot use 'nurse' in your username.