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    I am a new grad RN, well, sort of. I'm currently in home health for about two months now. I've been selected for an interview at a float pool registry (full time)at a hospital 2 minutes away from my house (Yay! ). The problem is that I'm going to be bombarded with questions, since I have an interview with human resources, then the nurse manager and then also the entire panel of directors. 3 interviews in one day... I just need help on some questions to ask during the interview. I know they will ask me stuff like.... "so, do you have any questions for us?" .... And I would be like.... (!!!) Any advise would be great. I know I will ask questions related to basic orientation and training for new grads ......but other than that...... help please. thanks!
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    I would focus on asking questions about the amount of training, the acuity of the patients etc. As a float you will need some type of orienting for each floor. Do not ask about pay or benefits etc. I usually ask about if they use paper or electronic charting med aministration, how long orientation will be, what shift they are hiring for. Make sure you research the hospital before you go, know what level trauma center they are, their mission & any awards they have recieved. Be sure to mention these in answers to questions they may have for you if necessary. They will want to know that you did your homework.

    Good luck!
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    are there opportunities for professional development?
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    Also consider and highlight any relevant transferrable skills which you may have acquired prior to or during nursing school. Have certain clinical scenarios prepared to discuss, because they will want concrete examples.
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    So I did it !!! It was pretty nerve wrecking because they scheduled a few other candidates for the same job, waiting in the same room as me.. so I could see how competitive the job was. The interview went great, and they have a 3 month new grad orientation! . We spoke about salary,benefits, etc, (HR brought it up). The board answered all the questions I had about the job right when I walked in, so I just asked a few more questions about the hospital itself, since I didn't have anything else to add. Thank you for all your help.
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    Congratulations! so you got the job?
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    I actually didn't get the job from that hospital, but it was fortunate that I recieved an offer for another position from an even better hospital =)
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    How does it feel working as an RN in Carilion Clinic? Is it a good Hospital to work as a nurse??? Is there something good about Carilion clinic? If so, what is it??

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