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Hi All! I would love your input on this.... So I have a unique opportunity that presents some interesting pros and cons. I was curious what the nursing community would have to say about this... I... Read More

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    follow your dream...
    I volunteer to Haiti, a week after the earthquake. It was an experience I will never forget for the rest of my life. Many people was impressed. As a matter of fact, the FNP school I got accepted to was so impressed. Go for it, it will look great in your resume... but most important of it all, follow your heart...follow your dreams...
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    I'm a year away from graduating with my BSN & cannot get living in Latin America post-graduation out of my brain The "year of med surg experience" is the motto at my nursing school and it just doesn't feel like the next best step for me. I've already completed a *fancy* graduate school education & have worked at one of the best hospitals in the world. I feel like I've had different dreams and worked towards achieving them. I've experienced different work and academic settings figuring which ones are a good fit. But I don't hear too many stories or positive feedback about going abroad as a new nurse. This seems strange because I wanted to get my BSN in order to do things that were outside of bedside nursing, such as public health, counseling, health policy, teaching, social services, et cetera. I never really saw myself doing bedside nursing and I'm wondering where your career has taken you. I worry I would do the 1 - 3 years of med surg & go running off to Latin America.

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