Neonates and feeding

  1. is it really important to check a baby's temp before feeding them and if so what is a good temp for feeding.
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  3. by   rockabye
    Your post is a little vague. For a normal, healthy newborn, you don't need to check the baby's temperature unless they feel too hot or cold or you suspect an illness or other change in status. Normal newborn temperature is going to range at about 97.6 to 99.0 degrees Fahrenheit, just like an adult. So that means people probably eat best at a normal body temperature.
  4. by   GRUNGE
    my cna was doing her check offs for maternal newborn nursing and was asked if she would check the temp before or after feeding the baby. the obvious choice is before, but i was stumped when she asked me. all my pt are at the other end of the life spectrum. i didnt know if the instructer was going for which is a more acurate temperature, or is the instructer afraid of poor thermoregulation. was just wondering if there was a specific temp babies cannot be below to be fed
  5. by   rockabye
    If a baby's temperature persistently stays below 97 despite proper warming measures (clothed, swaddled, wearing hat, etc), then it is important to find out what the underlying reason for the temperature instability. Same too if a baby's temperature stays greater than 100, despite not being swaddled. It takes energy for proper thermoregulation, so a neonate who is burning all their energy to stay warm or is fighting off infection isn't going to eat well.
  6. by   GRUNGE
    i understand the their temp will effect whether or not they eat, but does eating cause a drop in temperture. i apreciate all your advice, cuz this keeps bugging me. oy with the babies
  7. by   BabyLady
    "Eating" can mean two different things in the NICU.

    1. Gavage feeds...where the baby is not removed from the isolette

    2. Bottle feeds.

    Depending on neonate needs, infants may be swaddled or not swaddled when you start your assessment. You always take the temperature first...for a few reasons:

    1. If they are swaddled, you want to know what their temperature is before they stay unswaddled for the rest of the assessment.

    2. You take the temp before the feeding, because after you feed them, you want them to go back to sleep...infants that are older hate having their arm held to take an Ax temp...and if they thrash around after a feeding, that can cause them to spit up if they already have issues with feeding intolerance.

    If you have a nipple feeder, you feed the baby and remove it from the isolette or open crib swaddled...if they are in an isolette and are cold, I am going to get a warm blanket plus a knit cap before I feed.

    However, neonate infant temps are huge...they should be taken at every 3 to 4 hour intervals...more often if they are not within normal ranges and the isolette adjusted accordingly to keep the temp from dropping.
  8. by   rockabye
    Eating won't cause a drop in temperature. I guess it would if you feed them naked but you know what I mean.
  9. by   GRUNGE
    thank you guys so much, for your responses