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ok so I've just started working night shift and I don't know what to on my nights off. I need a hobby or something that will fill the hrs between 12am-6am. Any suggestions??????... Read More

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    Quote from MJB2010

    I am new to the area, so I really did not feel safe out alone at night. I tried the gym, and it was ok inside, but outside there were some creepers so be safe!

    Ever think of getting a handgun?

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    When I used to work nights I used to work out and then watch TV series on DVD (yay for Netflix). It's nice to watch some TV or movies during the 0400-0800ish period to get ready for bed. I also spent a lot of time on the internet.

    I like the cooking suggestions, though if I had done that I would've probably eaten way too much and ended up really fat.
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    I went back for my BSN, which is mostly online. So on my "nights" off, I read my books, do homework. Etc. It definitely helps. It's amazing how much free time you have when you're on an opposite schedule from most people.
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    No doubt the GYM is the answer, in addition, get up to date with e-mails and hang out with friends that you haven't seeing for a while, or volunteer, do some of the things that you been meaning to do around your home like painting a room, the choice is up to you, whatever it is enjoy your time off
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    Really powerful lights on a mountain bike. No crowds, rarely too hot to ride. As long as you don't mind the idea of being out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night doing something that could cause you to go unconscious and nobody would notice, other than that it's a fun way to get through nocturnal downtime.
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    I try to do my grocery shopping at the 24-hour grocery store - I'm usually the only one in the store who isn't stocking shelves.

    I also think it helps to have some friends who are also night-shifters. I'm new to nights as well and it really helps to have people who keep the same hours to do things with - even if it's just watching TV. It keeps me from feeling so isolated at night.
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    I have worked nights for over twenty years now, i switch back and forth, i take a nap on my first day back to work and i stay up longer on my first day off. I try to do three in a row so that my days off are all in a row too.
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    I make healthy meals so I have food to take to work. Yoga, reading and watching tv. I also really like to travel, so when I want some excitement, I go somewhere. But now I have student loans. I find after 12 to 13 hour shifts, I'm too tired to do much. I just

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