need help for NCP

  1. 0 what can be the nursing diagnosis for this patient?
    chief complaint: difficulty in defecating ( 2 months constipated)
    diagnosis: partial gut obstruction secondary to colonic new growth t/c malignant
    on general liquid diet
    NGT (OF 615 kcal)
    weighs 66 kg
    male, 73 years old
    had colonoscopy, no further surgery, waiting for biopsy of the mass
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    What do you think it would be? What would be the experiences and risks of a person who hasn't been able to poop well in two months, and is on a full liquid diet while awaiting biopsy results that might tell him he has cancer?
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    What do you think?

    Can you show us an example of what you think might be an appropriate diagnosis?

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