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Hello everyone, All your advice is greatly needed. I will be starting a new job as a new nurse and will get through about 10 weeks (out of 18 weeks) of my orientation period before I will have to leave for maternity. I know I... Read More

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    It is all going to depend on how your delivery is...if it goes textbook, you should be good to go, but if there is anything going on or you have a hard delivery or a c/s, you may not be ready in 4 weeks. For the person who went back to work 2 weeks after her c/s, I am surprised the doc cleared her, I know that none of the OB's I work with would clear a c/s mom to go back to work in 2 weeks, you aren't even supposed to be driving until 4-6 weeks. Have you talked to your OB, because it is a customary 6 week leave and you have to have clearance to return to work in most places. Have you talked to your manager at all?

    I think on top of the physical part, the mental part will be very hard. Lack of sleep and the mommy hormones will be tough.
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    Thank you for your response. Since I am a new grad I am waiting until I pass my NCLEX to make the next move to talk to her. My job in contingent on me passing so first things first. lol I am worried about how to approach the actual situation...what I should say...etc. I will work here for YEARS so I really hope they see that 4 weeks even if something should happen Im gone longer I will be an asset. This is my dream job!! :heartbeat

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