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NA, PCA, PSA - what's the difference?

  1. 0 I'm curious to know what the educational or positonal difference is between these titles.

    Where I used to work, I found that when the gals/gents were hired they were NA's, then if they did some minor training within the facility could be granted PCA and then PSA status.

    Where I work now, I was told that everyone who comes into the nursing home side is considered a PSA. I'm confused.

    Can anyone help?
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    awww...can anyone help me out here?
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    Not exactly sure of the differences. They are called PCT's at the hospital ~ patient care technicians. I am not sure if they are certified... ie CNA.

    At a prev hospital they were called PCA's ~ patient care associates. They were not certified by the state, but they took a course at the hospital.

    The PSA was a multi-task role ~ they cleaned the rooms/bathrooms, passed food trays, but no real patient care. The floors had them rather than traditional "housekeeping."

    The PSAs could take a course to become PCA's.

    Not sure if this helps, or simply adds to the confusion.

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    Those are just titles that the hospital chooses. In my hospital there are 2 different titles for CNA's (certified nursing assistants) based on experience. One is a Nursing Assistant, the other is a Patient Care Technician.

    I think CNA is state by state so I don't even know if that is a valid term where you are.

    I would call HR and ask them if they can explain what the titles mean.
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    Thanks for the info! Muchly appreciated! I think I will call HR and see what the scoop is!