NA, PCA, PSA - what's the difference?

  1. I'm curious to know what the educational or positonal difference is between these titles.

    Where I used to work, I found that when the gals/gents were hired they were NA's, then if they did some minor training within the facility could be granted PCA and then PSA status.

    Where I work now, I was told that everyone who comes into the nursing home side is considered a PSA. I'm confused.

    Can anyone help?
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  3. by   gizzy76
    awww...can anyone help me out here?
  4. by   RN~in~CT
    Not exactly sure of the differences. They are called PCT's at the hospital ~ patient care technicians. I am not sure if they are certified... ie CNA.

    At a prev hospital they were called PCA's ~ patient care associates. They were not certified by the state, but they took a course at the hospital.

    The PSA was a multi-task role ~ they cleaned the rooms/bathrooms, passed food trays, but no real patient care. The floors had them rather than traditional "housekeeping."

    The PSAs could take a course to become PCA's.

    Not sure if this helps, or simply adds to the confusion.

  5. by   CarVsTree
    Those are just titles that the hospital chooses. In my hospital there are 2 different titles for CNA's (certified nursing assistants) based on experience. One is a Nursing Assistant, the other is a Patient Care Technician.

    I think CNA is state by state so I don't even know if that is a valid term where you are.

    I would call HR and ask them if they can explain what the titles mean.
  6. by   gizzy76
    Thanks for the info! Muchly appreciated! I think I will call HR and see what the scoop is!