To my preceptor, future students beware (rant) - page 4

Dear Preceptor, This past spring 2010 semester, I was assigned to you for a whole semester to learn the ins and outs of being a nurse independent from my classmates. It was just you and I. I was excited when I began this... Read More

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    That's why students should not be left solely in the hands of staff nurses. Nursing school instructors exist for a reason- to teach nurses!!!!!
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    Ohh my-Facebook and Instant messaging at work???
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    Hung over? That's not so hot.
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    Quote from wooh
    Often it's not "allowed" to precept but "forced" to precept.
    Whether or not you want to precept or not has nothing to do with instant messaging and being on Facebook. Or being gossipy about patients. It is just plain WRONG.
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    Okay, I plan to do one of these nurse externships after I finish med-surg. What do you guys suggest I do with a reluctant RN preceptor?
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    I would be upfront fromthe beginning and ask what the nurse expects from you and let her know your expectations. open communication between the two of you is the best thing.
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    Trouble is, I was always a kind and caring nurse but when I have been a patient myself, got nurses who were not kind. Where is the Karma in that? i put up with bullying in the last workplace, left the job without reporting this senior nurse even though others ahd complained of her. I regret that now and I have been a nurse for 30 years and still couldn't stand up for myself so how hard is it when you are on a ward in a strange hospital at the mercy of someone who is supposed to be looking out for you.
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    you know what they say... what goes around comes around

    that's my life/career/attitude motto and to treat others the way you would like to be treated which is with respect, understanding, and patience

    congrats on graduating and i'm glad to hear you at least learned what NOT to do as a nurse/preceptor
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    Wow, thanks for that! Ugly situation but all too common. I am dreading my fourth year coming up and I am more "mature" (40).
    Apparently there are some nurses that can't wait to destroy their students.

    To all of us--we must not be like them--they will retire as unhappy bitter twisted old bags, we will not.

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