Munchausen by Internet: The Lying Disease that Preys on the Heart - page 8

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For decades, people have heard of Munchausen syndrome, a disorder characterized by people taking extraordinary measures to fake illnesses or psychological trauma for the sole purpose of attracting attention and sympathy from... Read More

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    I am so glad that my mother-in-law did not discover the internet. I fought for years to get her doctors to realize that she had Munchausen' no avail. They would just fire her when she became a problem. She always had unusual ailments that she would see doctor after doctor for until someone did some sort of "proceejah" or surgery on whatever ailed her. She would then move on to something else. She was also addicted to pain medication. Complained every day about whatever her ailment du jour was.

    I always said that on her tombstone I would put "I told you I was sick" but feel guilty now as she died suddenly from one of her rare, real ailments, heart disease.

    If she had understood the internet, it would have been a nightmare! The sad legacy is that her son (my husband) won't go to the doctor often because he doesn't want to be a hypochondriac.
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