More Things Your Nurse Won't Tell You: Spring Fever in LTC Edition - page 2

This past month has been literally four and a half solid WEEKS of that kind of shift, leading me to formulate yet another list of thoughts that we nurses harbor, but would never Read More

  1. by   lisamc1RN
    OMG! As I was reading this, I was trying to figure out which nurse you are at my former employment! LOL! This sounds exactly like what happens there! Thank you for putting into words! Well done!
  2. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    I very politely told the "singing" group that went around to nursing homes and prisons (captive audience!) how lovely it was that they would take time out of their busy lives to travel and sing hymns and gospel songs to shut-ins.......and I was gifted with TWO audio-cassettes of their groups efforts. The taping was nearly as bad as the singing. I tried to get out of the gift with the "thank-you-but-we're-not-allowed-to-accept-gifts " speech, but was informed that "God put it on her heart" to share them with me. Now, every so often SOMETHING puts it on my heart to share the music with a few well-chosen others, who howl in agony until I remove the tape from the cassette player!