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Hello, I made a long research about this but couldn't find anything that would answer my question. Anyway. I accepted a new job offer by the end of last month. Everything was discussed of course. My start date, pay rate and... Read More

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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    I don't disagree with the others, but from my days working with larger hospital systems I can tell you the bigger problem for us would have been not the missed deadline, but that you didn't do it where they told you to. That would have eliminated you on it's own, even within the deadline. Two strikes, missing the deadline and doing it at the wrong place is going to make you look like someone who is either just plain non-complaint, vs. irresponsible or a total space cadet. Your choice is pray they don't notice (they will) or beg for forgiveness. No advice, but good luck.
    The other test was for my school. It was a "designated" area, meaning I HAD to get it in that particular center. Or I wouldn't make it in school; they are very strict about it. It is only a coincidence, as I said. Even if I hadn't missed the deadline for job, I would have to give 2 urine samples for different places in different places. The problem here is only missing the deadline for job. I guess you didn't understand the first post very well. Thank you anyway.

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    So, most people who replied says don't bring it up unless they ask. That's what I am doing for now. But I still have the urge to call and clarify everything. Or wait and find out in orientation day; good or bad. shew, tough situation.
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    So, will we ever know the outcome of this?
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    Nothing happened. I am starting tomorrow morning. I have received phone calls regarding schedule, orientation, classes, and even drug screen. Everything is set; I was let know my preceptor the other day. I guess, if it was a deal, none of this would happen, and I would be gone from their list long time ago.

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