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I have been an LPN for a year now. I've never been diagnosed with a mental illness; however, I know there is something wrong with me. I'm one of the most 'normal' in my family so I've never felt the need to get help with my... Read More

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    You will fit right in with the rest of the nurses and staff !!! Trust me you cant be all that mentally ill if you have idenfied your problems and can devise a plan to overcome them. A scheduled shift may just work for you. I think you will do just fine. Good Luck !!! Oh and by the way nursing can make you think you are losing your mind at times. Just CYA document and watch and listen and you will be just fine !!!
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    Thank you so-ooo much!
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    I am in awe of your sharing - humbly I thank you.
    Consider doing a blog if you would like - I think it would be a gift to others but more so to yourself.

    Your a super lady take good care of you as you deserve it . Know you have my deep heartfelt respect.
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    Aw, thanks Marc - that means so much. I think starting a blog is a fantastic idea, I appreciate your comments!

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