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MedCEU online telemetry certification valid?

  1. 0 I've been looking for an online telemetry course to help strengthen my resume for ED positions. I found one through MedCEU that states it's a telemetry certification, but the details are nonspecific. It's $30 for 30 contact hours, and the tele class is 8 credits. That seems a little cheap for a certification, doesn't it? I can't find any information as to whether it's an official certification or just counts as contact hours, even though it says the class name is "Telemetry Certification." I don't mind spending the $30, but I don't want to waste my money if it won't hold up when I go to interview for a job. Does anyone have info, or know of a valid online certification course for tele?? Thanks in advance.
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    I was wondering this also....I hope someone answers...!! I really want to know...!!
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    Thank you! I went to the AHA site but couldn't find anything.
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    I passed! Thanks so much again mom!
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    don't do anything with MEDCEU, google complaints against them. They are a rip off, they claim to be approved by BON's of all the states but they are not approved at any. Just stay away from them. I got a an autodeduction from my bank account last year and I've not used them since 2005, just random deduction and I still haven't got my money refunded. Filed a complaint with BBB and forgot about my 29.99. Stay away from them.
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    Thank you LCK. Something just didn't feel right. I ended up going through the AHA.