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I am curious to see what other nurses think about a situation that occurred last week. I was reviewing the preop checklist at the desk with the GI lab nurse. My manager called my name, so I... Read More

  1. by   RNOTODAY
    This is a culture that has been allowed to GROW.... one RN will not change this... let it go
  2. by   5150rn2
    Studies are also finding that multi tasking leads to increased errors and less optimal outcomes. Personally I wouldn't want to have. Even either pt on those codes.
    The pre-op is important. Do you think that anyone would excuse this nurse if as a result of the interruption something was missed and there was a negative outcome for the pt during the procedure? No, they wouldn't,they would hold her accountable.
    It was wrong for the manager to interrupt, and I likely would have respectfully ask the physician to allow me to complete the checklist. Many docs are ok with that.. how can anyone fault someone for trying to maintain pt safety?
  3. by   NurseSpeedy
    I was inserting a foley on a patient that was NOT anatomically correct anymore when my work phone kept ringing and ringing nonstop. I was ready to throw it out the window but couldn't because I had STERILE gloves on! When I finished I was checked the caller ID, thinking it was the unit clerk suffering a case of OCD with my number. It was a patient's room. It wasn't the patient. It was the urologist who had ordered the foley on the other patient! I looked at him deadpan and said, " sorry, but I was in the middle of catching your other patient". He said, "oh, did you get it?"..."yes, but the phone ringing nonstop in my pocket looked a tad unprofessional". He then said "I just need the urology cart for this patient"...he could not have just called the desk????