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malpractice insurance

  1. 0 Hey guys!

    I'lm looking to purchase some malpractice insurance. I practice in Ohio. I have no idea where to begin looking, how much coverage I should carry and what companies have the best track record. I graduated in May, licensed in July and began working in September. I work on a step-down unit with a 4-5 patient load. The patients are very sick and most of them deserve a nurse with a 3-4 patient load.

    Any information is welcome!

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    I purchase my insurance from NSO.
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    call for a quote from the agent who covers your homeowner's or rental insurance. I would get more than one quote
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    I got mine from NSO (Nurses Service Organization). I am also a new grad and they have great rates and a discount for new grads.

    Professional Liability Insurance for nurses, nursing medical malpractice.
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    I also have NSO insurance, and DH who is a paramedic gets it from their sister company.