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So my "friends" keep telling me that becoming a mail nurse is gay. and the finance wise i wont be good later in life. Just wanted to know how common are male nurse? are they look at differently from patients? I'm i less... Read More

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    Ya gotta wonder ... why is being mistaken for gay so devastating?

    I'm mistaken for straight all the time ... doesn't bother me at all ... :chuckle

    Have a lemonade ...
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    Quote from heron
    Ya gotta wonder ... why is being mistaken for gay so devastating?

    I'm mistaken for straight all the time ... doesn't bother me at all ... :chuckle

    Have a lemonade ...
    Excellent point!
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    I don't know if this was mentioned but when I told my wife I wanted to go back to school for nursing she at first was hesitant. But she did her own research and found that my decision to go back to school was one of the best choices I could have made. She found that about 6% of all nurses are male and there is a major call for male nurses. She also found in some cases when a male nurse and female nurse are going for the same position most of the time the male nurse is chosen or both are chosen do to the shortage in male nurses. I personally made the decision do to the help wanted online and in the paper. I would figure that about 10+% of all ads I see are for RN's and even more for any medical field. There are more RN jobs online in my area than there are any other position except maybe insurance scammers.

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    Here are a couple of links that might help you with your friends. I haven't gone through all the information yet but what I have read so far is interesting.

    this one is a male nurse magazine

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    My husband heard it was "gay" too - he was a mechanic when he went to nursing school. Now they ask about going to nursing school. My husband's never had any problem with patient response. Our son's now a nurse - same thing. Financially, pretty great.
    The only time I ever hear of anyone thinking "male nurse" is "gay" or weird is on TV. Not in real life.
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    A lot of guys gravitate to critical care areas. I don't care if a nurse is gay or not, just do your job and be professional. When someone asks me, I tell them I'm not that sweet. As far as ADN vs. BSN. I have found the ADN usually have spent more time in clinicals. Their bedside manner and skills reflect this.
    Be good to yourself
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    It's this "modern" world we live in... Every day it's something new.

    I'm an Anglo-Saxon, Native-American, Irish, Caucasion, Christian, Registered Independent, Conservative, Volunteering, Carnivorous, Pro-Life, Motorcycling, Amateur Radio Operating, married, monogamous, paternal times two, middle-aged, average built, somewhat overweight, short dark-haired, bearded, heterosexual, homo sapian, American-West-Virginian, western, male nurse respiratory therapist paramedic sleep technologist handyman, but I don't think people really use that term anymore.

    Personally, I think it should be illegal to use descriptives when referring to people, job titles or professions.
    Most of them make no sense anyway.

    Now if a man popped out a baby of natural cause, I wouldn't complain if you said to call him a male mother. That would make sense.
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    Quote from medic6070
    I am a Paramedic, a Volunteer Firefighter, a nursing student, and I am male. I am attending a communinty college in the Associate of Science in Nursing degree program with two semesters left. There are 5 males in my class of 60 nursng students and as far as I know none of them are "gay" nor would I care if they were. The only person that looks down on me is the "old school nurse" that is the Chair of our program and I think that has more to do with my being a Paramedic. I have had no problems in any of my clinicals, except for post-partum in OB, nor with any of my class mates or other instructors. I would encourage any man who is seriously interested in nursing to investigate all of the programs that are available in their area or where ever they are interested in going. Also I am 49 years old.

    I am so glad that men are getting more comfortable to get into nursing now. We need the men in our profession of for any profession for that matter. I can see the OB rotation must be tough , but that is so normal ! Welcome aboard guys ! :redpinkhe

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