Maintaining the license without work, and a general rant - page 6

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So, I'm one of those once-upon-a-time new grads who is no longer a new grad but who has been unable to find employment. I'm building this little patchwork of short term employment situations (camp nurse, flu shot nurse) and was... Read More

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    Thanks to all who replied with suggestions and/or an empathic ear. I've done most of what has been suggested but not every day. I usually set aside Monday as job hunt day, and I will revisit some of the avenues I've read here. I am usually pretty optimistic and always do well when I have a goal. I actually like the idea of cobbling together several jobs to make a full time job and perhaps a career, so for now I'm happy enough working as a flu shot nurse. The job itself is kind of a strange gig, but it earns money and I'm learning something. I do love the flexibility.