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During these hard financial times, I have heard management repeatedly tell staff 'you are lucky to have a job'. Now whilst we appreciate we are indeed fortunate to have employment being told this repeatedly to control a bad... Read More

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    Quote from ksrose1
    I am so tired of being told "At least you have a job." I work weekends only meaning Friday, Saturday, and Sunday....anyway on Tuesday a fellow nurse (we are not sure who, this is the problem) left a flush in the breakroom. Management found out and and on Friday when I came in I found that all licensed personal had been written up. They said since they could not figure out who had done it and we have all been several times we would all be held responsible. Yeah, I'm happy to have a job.......
    Yea, that is their way of saving their own butts.

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    Quote from MaritesaRN
    there were a few things you mentioned that were out of character for me ...such as the DON was only a nurse since August 2008? What was she doing being a DON with veryl little experience and much less tenure as a nurse? Somehow I got a feeling that this place probably hires people who are their friends, relatives or whatever since it does not make sense. Whay was the 20 yearold given only 7 residents??? I too will be done if that is all that I have........something is very wrong in this place, especially when you can not say anthing in a meeting????
    Girl , you ran far away from that place ! There are a lot of this type of facility and w/ your experience, you will find another place.:heartbeat
    Sounds like you worked for Manorcare. I hope you got unemployment. I am sorry this happened to you. I was fired from a job just because they thought I made a complaint to the state. They set me up so good that I did not have a chance.

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